Defeating Islamic Criminals

Another week and another atrocious attack. This is nothing less than a wicked problem and I have read column miles of opinions on how to fix the problem. The fact is that it is a problem and it does need fixing. I have written before that I believe that Multiculturalism is a dismal failure which only creates division. That is only one piece of a rather large jigsaw but in the end something more has to be done to succeed in defeating Islamic criminals.

Because that is all they are. Regardless of whichever imaginary friend they profess to follow or carry out barbaric acts on behalf of in the end they are criminals.

I am purposely using the term criminal rather than terrorist for a number of reasons. There is no universal definition of terrorist and if you cannot define something how can you address it and the term in some circles gives the actions some legitimacy regardless of how heinous those actions may be.

They are criminals! Those that carried out the crimes and those that encouraged them.

I have already written of my belief in the freedom to hold and express opinions and I similarly believe in human and civil rights which is another reason I do not agree with using the term terrorism and it becomes an open-ended bogeyman giving unscrupulous governments an open-ended power to enact increasingly draconian laws in the name of safety and security.

So I am in a quandary. How to defeat Islamic criminals without taking our freedoms from us.

I believe in personal rights, but I also believe that society has rights. The right to be protected from and act against criminal intent. If you do not believe that ask yourself, why do we have prisons?

There are already laws on the statue books to deal with those who encourage and provide support, or who set them on their criminal path by radicalization and the distortion of religion for their own ends.

In the UK the Aliens Restriction (Amendment) Act 1919 allows for conviction of any alien that attempts or does any act calculated or likely to cause sedition or disaffection amongst the civilian population. The current spate of crimes by these people show that they are succeeding in causing sedition and dissatisfaction.

A current law covers the actual or attempted radicalization which sets them on their criminal path. As a member of the European Union the UK is shackled by the European Courts of Justice. Once the UK leaves I hope that it will start to use such laws to break up the multicultural cesspits which are at the heart of these criminal acts and deport the perpetrators without appeal. It won’t take long: 100; 500; maybe a 1,000 of them before the rest realise that their words have consequences and that they are as liable to punishment as the criminals.

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