A Self-serving, twisting of reality

I read a Facebook comment suggesting the June 2017 London attack had nothing to do with Islam but was drug related. The basis of this originated from self-serving, twisting of reality from people such as Lauren Booth who, if you are unaware, is war criminal Tony Blair’s sister in law. Making such statements shows her flagrant hypocrisy in the knowledge that a primary cause of this situation was the invasion of Iraq, an act of aggression and illegal, brought about by Blair’s lies.

Now Blair’s chickens are well and truly coming home to roost must we suffer more lies from Blair’s extended family? She is saying that the common cause of these criminal attacks is taking drugs and using prostitutes. It is not the radicalizing preachers distorting Islam or the death cult mentality of sharia but drug taking in the West by these criminals. She is trying to exonerate the whole Islamic culture from any blame and twisted the whole thing around to be our fault, because we have failed these people and not stopped them from taking drugs.

A lot of people take drugs, there is a whole war on the problem, a similar failure to the War on Terror. I have written about how ineffectual it is and how drugs are causing myriad problems for all communities, not just in Muslim enclaves.

There is ample research showing a connection between drug taking and violence. It is a situation that Police and paramedics encounter all too often. What sets these incidents apart from the criminals that Booth is defending is that I am unaware of any incident involving drug violence where the perpetrator conspired with friends, hired a van, made false suicide vests, armed themselves with an array of knives, planned and executed that plan, while screaming ‘This is for Allah’ while trying to kill as many people as possible. Nor do common or garden drug addicts go overseas to get bomb making training, come home, acquire the required parts, make said bomb and then blow themselves up surrounded by, mostly, adolescent females have a nice evening out.

It is a hollow and fallacious argument anyway as self intoxication has never been an excuse under the law for anything.

If Booth insists that we must forgive and forget because some homicidal criminal was stoned, maybe she should start with World War Two. Again there is more that enough evidence to show that half the German army were off their faces during the fighting as were many of the allies, with official approval.

To deny the Islamic criminal’s belief in an imaginary friend was a prime reason they did what they did is to deny the truth and is an increasingly told lie to disguise the true, murderous intent of sharia.

Or maybe I am wrong and the Nazis were actually really nice guys having a bad trip and we need to apologize for all the nasty things that we have said about them.

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