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A fantastic, taut, dark thriller  

Blood Ribbon is a taut, dark thriller that is full of unexpected twists and turns. Focusing on friendships, relationships and family adds to the reality of the story and Roger Bray has executed this aspect perfectly, bringing a sense of reality to the whole book. I can't believe that I haven't discovered Roger's books until now but I'm so pleased that I've got another two of his books to read at some point in the future.

An intriguing read  
Katie Jones   

The tension that is within this book is fabulous, my spine started tingling at times and I kept looking over my shoulder as pages of this book flipped by. The attacker is brutal and really made my skin crawl. Brilliantly done Roger.

Blood Ribbon is a gripping, unputdownable, intriguing read that will have you hooked well into the night. It’s brilliantly written with some fabulous characters that I really loved to read about. Another excellent book by Roger!

So good  
Alfred Nobile   

This was a brilliant book. As usual written with a great premise in mind. Darker than his other book The Picture but top quality writing and a worthy 5 stars.

Don't read alone on the beach!  

Roger Bray's Blood Ribbon has mystery and murder, but it also addresses young adulthood questions/coming of age stories. It kept me guessing to the end as far as who done it, and I was rooting for the characters along in the way in their normal day to day struggles. There's really this great contrast between characters who are compassionate and others who are clearly not. It's a great book! Just maybe don't read it while sunbathing alone on the beach.

A crime tale to restore your faith in human nature  
Misfits Farm   

A story of friendships and enduring memories. Of that family doesn’t have to be blood relations just those close to you. I really enjoyed this and read it in a day. I liked Brooke- she has tenacity and determination and that want to put something back which to me is an honorable thing. This is different from the normal PI crime stories as the PI takes a back seat and even Brooke investigating is done well, in a more roundabout way as if she is more curious as to why she was attacked rather than her setting out to be a hapless gumshoe as in some books. Well told from a different perspective , a crime tale but one to restore your faith in human nature.

This psychopath doesn’t care if you’re dead before you’re buried! Can a twisted killer be stopped or will they strike again? 

Brooke Adams has had a troubled past but is now a confident young woman with a close-knit group of friends who have become her family. When a weekend getaway ends with a bloody, savage attack that leaves her near death on the beach, she is determined not to let the traumatic experience define her. 

Recovering in hospital she is approached by retired cop turned PI Rod Morgan and Brooke is shocked to learn a striking similarity between her attack and a series of killings stretching back 35 years. Will Brooke piece together the unsolved beach murders and reclaim her future, or will a clever killer put more victims six feet under the dunes? 

Blood Ribbon is a tightly-woven standalone thriller. If you like dark mysteries, chilling suspense, and survivors battling incredible odds, then you’ll love this gripping page-turner.

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