Blood Ribbon



978-0-9953511-8-9 (E-Book)

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When a psychology student survives a brutal encounter, a series of unsolved murders may be her only clue to stop the next attack…

Orphan Brooke Adams has reinvented herself after a troubled past. Now a confident psychology student, she surrounds herself with a close-knit group of friends who won’t let their past traumas ruin their big plans for the future. But when a weekend getaway ends with a bloody, savage attack that nearly leaves her dead on the beach, she’s determined not to let the traumatic experience define her.

When she’s approached by a retired cop turned PI, Brooke is shocked to learn there’s a striking similarity between her incident and a series of killings from 35 years ago. Will Brooke piece together the unsolved beach murders and reclaim her future, or will a clever killer put her six feet under the dunes?

Blood Ribbon is a tightly-woven standalone thriller. If you like dark mysteries, chilling suspense, and survivors battling incredible odds, then you’ll love Roger Bray’s gripping page-turner.

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