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A brilliant book  

I loved this book, it was a wild thrilling ride that took me on a journey I wasn’t quite expecting to take. The characters are well-written and Roger’s writing pulled me in, within a few pages I was hooked! It keeps the reader intrigued which is well-paced and you just don’t want to stop reading.

I loved Ben  
J B Ronder   

This is a wonderful and heartbreaking read. A great story and one that I recommend everyone checking out.

Just Brilliant!  
Susan Hampson   

Oh just wow! This is in my top three reads for this year. It is so very powerful. It captures the very best of man and the very worst. It is sensitive and brutal. It was for me perfection!
I don’t think that I have ever read a book before where I can remember every single person in it or should I say that I will never forget.

A Full-on, Thought-Provoking Book.  

I found myself immersed in the exciting plot. The thrill just never stopped, right up until the final page. It is cleverly written so that you are pulled into the characters lives, and become emotionally invested in them. It is also modern and relevant to today’s society.

It was just a pleasure to read. It was intriguing and held me captive right to the very end.

In a warehouse used as an emergency shelter in the aftermath of the 2011 Tōhoku tsunami a distraught, young Japanese woman in dirty, disheveled clothes sits on a box, holding her infant daughter.  Ben, a US rescue volunteer, kneels in front of her offering comfort.  They hug, the baby between them.  The moment turns into an hour as the woman sobs into his shoulder; mourning the loss of her husband, her home, the life she knew.  A picture is taken capturing the moment.  It becomes a symbol: of help freely given and of the hope of the survivors.  The faces in the picture cannot be recognized, and that is how Ben likes it.  No celebrity, thanks not required.

But others believe that being identified as the person in the picture is their path to fame and fortune.  Ben stands, unknowingly, in their way, but nothing a contract killing cannot fix.

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