Susan Corcoran

I am really happy today to be talking to Susan Corcoran who describes herself as a passionate reader who loves theatre, travelling and spending time with her friends and family. and, believes in fairness and equality. If your wondering about the meaning of the cwtch in the title, she explains. It’s the welsh word for READ MORE

Rachel Broughton

Today I am talking to Rachel Broughton, a mum of 2 who loves to snack, walk, knit & x stitch!  A book blogger who loves romance, thrillers, crime, mystery, historical fiction & childrens books. Hi and welcome to Meet the Bloggers. Can you tell us about yourself please? Hi Roger, thank you for inviting me READ MORE

Kate Moloney

Kate Moloney tells me her favourite books to read are crime, thriller, mystery, psychological and police procedurals. She is planning to expand her horizons a little to include sci-fi, fantasy and YA novels too as crime can only go in so many directions! She finally decided to start blogging about books and reading because as READ MORE


I am really happy to be talking today to Leonard Tillerman who is an educator and writer.  He has spent the last 25 years as an English teacher and school Principal.  He also have over 20 years of experience as a blogger and freelance writer offering his services to various publications. He is extremely passionate READ MORE

Katie Jones

A big welcome today to Katie Jones who, by day, is a support worker for a UK charity but on her days off mainly indulges in reading to ‘escape into another world’.  From a young age she fell in love with reading. Her Mum really wanted her to succeed and taught her to read and READ MORE

Alfred Nobile

It is great to today be talking to Alfred Nobile who, on his excellent blog, say he reads many genres.  He reviews for NetGalley and  He enjoys fiction and non fiction. and likes histories, biographies and science books. In fact most types of non fiction.  In fiction he prefers Horror, Psychological thrillers, crime and READ MORE

Susan Hampson

Hi and welcome to Meet the bloggers. Take a seat, yes right there on the lounge and before we begin we’ll just make sure that you’re nice and comfy. Here, let me adjust that cushion for you, is that better? What can I get you wine, beer, spirit, coffee, tea? You name it I’ll get READ MORE

Lainy Swanson

Today I am talking with Lainy Swanson who describes herself as a self confessed bibliophile with a penchant for calling people Betty! She has a pretty adorable wee cat, you may have noticed her dotted about the site. She is a distraction but Lainy is sure you will agree, pretty cute. Can you tell us READ MORE

Stacey Garrity

Hi and welcome to Meet the Bloggers. Today I am talking to Stacey Garrity, founder and wrangler of the review blog Whispering Stories. Stacey has been reading books since she was a small child and often has two or more on the go at once. After reviewing books on Amazon, Goodreads and Waterstones for years, READ MORE