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Sit down, savour and enjoy!  
Sharon    Amazon UK   

Psychosis is an intense read which is perfect for those who want to delve right into the characters and location. It isn’t a wham bam in your face read, it is gruesome in parts but not overly so. It is one to slow down, savour and enjoy.

Five stars from me - it's an excellent book!  
Donna Maguire    Donna's Book Blog   

As soon as I read the blurb for this book I was immediately intrigued and knew it was definitely a book I wanted to read - I can tell you now I was not disappointed at all and it was a cracking read for me over this Easter!!

This book is really gripping and I was hooked from the beginning. It is really easy to follow and I flew through the pages. There were some really tense moments and I have to say I loved them!

Susan Corcoran    Amazon UK   

My absolute favourite thing about this book was the superb way the storyline was built up by the author Roger Bray. This top notch thriller is like a jigsaw puzzle, in that he feeds you the pieces of the story and builds it up into a completed picture. Definitely one of my favourite thrillers so far this year. It’s solid, fascinating and a very rewarding read.

A super read  
Susan Hampson    Amazon   

Roger Bray gives you all the known facts before grabbing you and bang! You really won’t know what has hit you and won’t be able to stop until you know the truth. Loved the characters, especially Alice and Steve. The story is easy to follow because what is happening is so gripping. A huge must read book!

A Great Read  
Florence    Amazon   

Really enjoyed 'Psychosis' The second book by this author. It has a well developed plot with interesting and believable characters who you invest in as the story progresses. A real page turner which kept my interest throughout. Authentic investigative detail left no stone unturned in the quest for the truth. Looking forward to the next book by Roger Bray.

Grown-up crime drama  
TrickyHenri    Amazon UK   

I found this to be a grown-up crime drama, a little slow to begin with, for good reason. The authors sets a scene showing the despair of the accused and his long suffering sister, with nowhere else to turn until a chance meeting occurs. At no point did I start to disbelieve the action and investigation.

On a cold, misty night in Eugene, Oregon Hazel Reed disappears from outside her ex-husband’s home.   Hazel is stunningly beautiful, intelligent and unfaithful.  When Hazel disappears, the police are convinced her husband, Alex, as killed her and the local DA sees the case as an easy win.

Three years after his conviction for murder, Alex and his sister, Alice, are devastated when his last appeal is rejected by the Courts.  With nowhere left to turn, Alice must start to put her life back together.

Living in limbo herself, Alice has a chance encounter with Steve, an ex-soldier turned PI who offers to look at the case files.  Steve is convince the prosecution’s case is shaky at best, but can he find out the truth before it is too late for Alex?

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