Jenny Kane

From the comfort of her cafe corner in Mid Devon, Jenny Kane wrote the contemporary women’s fiction and romance novels, Romancing Robin Hood (2nd edition, Littwitz Press, 2018), Abi’s Neighbour (Accent Press, 2017), Another Glass of Champagne (Accent Press, 2016), and the bestsellers, Abi’s House (Accent Press, June 2015), and Another Cup of Coffee (Accent READ MORE

Kristine Raymond

Since writing and publishing her first book in 2013, Kristine Raymond has gone on to complete two romance series – one historical western and one contemporary – write an anecdotal, non-fiction short about her first year as an indie author, and try her hand at contemporary erotic drama. Could you tell us about yourself? I’m READ MORE

Angie Dokos

Angie Dokos tells me she was born a reader and grew to be a writer. She enjoys hiking, loves to travel and currently lives in Woodstock, GA with her husband and children. She loves to read and writes to escape reality and live more than one life. Could you tell us about yourself? I’m a READ MORE

Sherron Mayes

Writing as S.D. Mayes, Sherron worked as a journalist for nearly twenty years before turning her hand to fiction. Inspired by the bizarre but factual events of Hitler’s obsession with the supernatural, along with her mother’s terrifying wartime memories, Letters to the Pianist is her first historical suspense novel. Originally from the West Country, she READ MORE

Susan Corcoran

I am really happy today to be talking to Susan Corcoran who describes herself as a passionate reader who loves theatre, travelling and spending time with her friends and family. and, believes in fairness and equality. If your wondering about the meaning of the cwtch in the title, she explains. It’s the welsh word for READ MORE

Amy Miller

Today, I have the pleasure to be talking with Amy Miller, who uses the nickname AEM to sign her books. She is the author of the Endeavor Series and other random literature. Most of the time she’s spotted with her nose in a book or clicking away on a laptop. Her main fantasy series, based READ MORE

Rachel Broughton

Today I am talking to Rachel Broughton, a mum of 2 who loves to snack, walk, knit & x stitch!  A book blogger who loves romance, thrillers, crime, mystery, historical fiction & childrens books. Hi and welcome to Meet the Bloggers. Can you tell us about yourself please? Hi Roger, thank you for inviting me READ MORE

Isabella Muir

Isabella Muir who, having spent twenty-five years editing and managing the production of health-related training materials, rediscovered her love of writing fiction during two happy years working on and completing her MA in Professional Writing. Since then she has published a number of novels and a short story collection. Could you tell us about yourself? READ MORE