Linux equivalents for Windows applications

I wrote some weeks ago about using Linux as my primary operating system and have been asked about Linux equivalents for Windows applications. The short answer is that there are thousands of alternate programs out there which can be used, some have Windows versions as well, but were developed for Linux. These are all programs READ MORE

Why use Linux?

Why use Linux? I have been using computers since the early 80s and bought an XT as my first ‘real’ computer. It used Microsoft and as with many other people I enjoyed the highs and lows of new releases. I still have nightmares about Windows ME. I think that they should have issued a t-shirt READ MORE

Cyber Safe

How safe is my computer, or yours? Over 200,000 computers in 150 countries were affected in a mass cyber attack in the last week. In the UK over 40 National Health Service Trusts were targeted. The results were wide ranging, but a lot of critical operations were canceled and in one case the attack happened READ MORE