The Metaphor of the Black Dog

Winston Churchill didn’t invent the term Black Dog to describe his depression but he certainly used it. I can understand what he meant but do not recognise it, maybe because I have always considered dogs to be companions that help us through situations rather than some hell-hound snapping at our existence, Maybe there is a READ MORE

The triumph of Triumph

Triumph Motorcycles. What is not to like about these fabulous machines. My first bike was a Triumph. Mostly a Tiger Cub but with some parts from unidentified sources. I would like to give it a year but again that slipped a little with a ‘65 frame and the majority of a ‘67 motor. It ran, READ MORE

Living the moment.

I was on a train a couple of weeks ago. A short trip, ninety minutes or so. As we approached a small town the train stopped for an unknown reason and as we waited I, as usual, was looking out of the window. About 50 yards away there was a footpath along the edge of READ MORE