Kitchener’s Volunteer Army

When the first world war was declared on 5 August 1914 the British Army consisted of about 400,000 men made up from the regular full time army and territorial soldiers who were part time. All of them were volunteers and embarked to France as the British Expeditionary Force to answer France’s call under the terms READ MORE

A White Painted Roof

Around 5:50pm on 10 November 1920 a regular mail train left Dover Harbour station on the south coast of England. It was drawn by SECR E1 class loco No 506, painted in a black gloss rather than it’s usual livery. Two carriages had been added to the train, a passenger coach attached for the escort READ MORE

A Self-serving, twisting of reality

I read a Facebook comment suggesting the June 2017 London attack had nothing to do with Islam but was drug related. The basis of this originated from self-serving, twisting of reality from people such as Lauren Booth who, if you are unaware, is war criminal Tony Blair’s sister in law. Making such statements shows her READ MORE

Defeating Islamic Criminals

Another week and another atrocious attack. This is nothing less than a wicked problem and I have read column miles of opinions on how to fix the problem. The fact is that it is a problem and it does need fixing. I have written before that I believe that Multiculturalism is a dismal failure which READ MORE